SNOW UPDATE: Travel disruption continues across South Yorkshire

Many bus services are suspended, diverted or curtailed due to the snowy and icy conditions across South Yorkshire this evening.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 6:06 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st March 2018, 6:10 pm
Many bus services are still disrupted due to the weather (photo: Edward Higgens/PA Wire)
Many bus services are still disrupted due to the weather (photo: Edward Higgens/PA Wire)

There could be more misery in store for passengers tomorrow, with the Met Office expecting temperatures to hover between 0C and -2C, though only a light dusting of snow is forecast in Sheffield.

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Running full service, but with delays expected

Service 1 Not serving Worrall Road in High Green using School Road. (High Green side)

Service 1a Now normal (Batemoor Side). Can now serve High Green, but missing Cottom Rd and Fosters Way using Potter Hill Lane (High Green Side)

Service 3/3a Now normal (Meadowhall side). Only serving the City-Moor (Nether Edge side)

Service 4 (Rotherham) Suspended

Service 4 (Sheffield) Main roads only

Service 6 (Sheffield) Main roads only

Service 6 (Barnsley) Not Serving Bank End. Service terminating at Medical Centre

Service 8/8a (Sheffield) Missing Basegreen, operating Birley Moor Road in both directions. (Crystal Peaks side)

Service 8/8a (Doncaster) Not operating along Broadwater Drive, Dunsville

Service 10 (Rotherham) Not operating around Broadway in Balby or Markham Road in Edlington. Also in Bramley/Wickersley buses not operating along Church Lane, Main street, Flanderwell lane, Fleming way, Markfield drive and Northfield lane due to ice

Service 10 (Rotherham - TM Travel) Suspended

Service 10 (Sheffield) Not serving Skyes Edge. City Rd-City-Hallamshire (not serving Netherthorpe or Upperthorpe). Nether Edge no issues.

Service 15/15A Unable to operate Stubbins Hill. Main Road to Tait Ave turning circle

Service 16 Not Operating around Broadway, Balby

Service 18 (Doncaster) Suspended

Service 18 Diverted directly along Chesterfield Road to Bochum Parkway, Gleadless townend and normal route to Meadowhall (Not serving Scarsdale Road, Hollythorpe or Heeley). Diverted due to burst water pipe – Norton Lane, Bochum Parkway, Chesterfield Road

Service 18a Via Chesterfield Road not Woodseats Road

Service 19 (Sheffield) Diverted directly along Chesterfield Road to terminate Abbey Lane Roundabout (Not serving Scarsdale Road, Hollythorpe or Heeley)

Services 19, 19a & 19b (Rotherham) Cannot serve Laughton en le Morthen and will operate via the 19b route.

Service 20 (Sheffield) Diverted via Woodseats, terminating at Abbey Lane Roundabout. (Hemsworth Side)

Service 21 (Worksop) Main roads only

Service 21 (Barnsley) Not serving Cubley/Millhouse

Service 22 (Worksop) Main roads only

Service 27a (Barnsley) Not serving Nancy Crescent & Brierley via Brierley Road. Service terminating at Grimethorpe Interchange. Not serving Morrison road in Darfield.

Service 24 (Barnsley - Tiger) not serving green moor, crane moor. Currently we are now able to serve Ingbirchworth.

Service 24 (Sheffield) Operating via Harborough Avenue, Harborough Road, Beaumont Road North, Castlebeck Avenue & Hastilar Road South. Not serving Manor Park Shops or Spinkhill Avenue.

Service 25 (Worksop) Main roads only

Service 25 (Sheffield) Terminating at Old Mother Redcap, not serving Wollaton Road & Longford Road. (Bradway side). Not Serving Chadwick Road using Nodder Rd. Not serving Spa Lane in Woodhouse (Woodhouse side)

Services 27 & 27a (Barnsley) Not serving Nancy Crescent & Brierley via Brierley Road. Service terminating at Grimethorpe Interchange. Not serving Morrison road in Darfield.

Service 27 (Rotherham) Not serving Mason Ave, Wesley Ave only

Service 28 (Barnsley) Not serving Purston lane. Little lane, Wakefield rd both ways, diverted on Ackworth rd

Service 28 (Sheffield) Not using Dog Kennel Lane, Via Todwick then A57

Services 29 (TM Travel) Suspended

Service 29 (Doncaster) Operating via service 99 route

Services 30 & 30a (Sheffield) main roads only

Service 31 (Barnsley) Not serving Mount Vernon Road. Service using Sheffield Road. Not serving Wilson Street/ Copeland Road in Wombwell. Service using Hough Lane. Not serving Cloughfields. Service using West Street

Services 31 & 31a (Sheffield) City centre to Hillsbrough via Upperthorpe, Fox Rd, Whitehouse Ln, Walkley Rd/Ln.

Service 32 (SCT) Full route (apart from Longley Ave West and Cookson, running via Shirecliffe, Herries, Wordsworth)

Service 32 (TM Travel) Suspended

Service 35 Now serving Foxhill, but still missing Grenoside. Direct via Halifax Road to Deerlands Ave. Missing Lindsey Ave and Elm lane, via Deerlands Ave, Barnsley Rd and Hafield House Lane in both directions

Service 36 Not serving West Hill, operating Droppingwell Road & Farm View Road. (Kimberworth) Missing Jenkin and Beacon Estate. Running direct along Holywell Road (wincobank/Grimesthorpe)

Services 38 & 38a Not using Longley Hall Rd, Longley Ave West and Penrith Rd. Using Herries Road

Service 41 (Sheffield) Service Resumed, Diverted via Silkstone Rd, Dyke Vale rd, Coisley Hill Roundabout mising out Wickfield Rd then return.

Services 41 & 41a (Doncaster) Unable to serve Emley Drive, using A1 roundabout

Service 43 (Sheffield) Main roads only

Service 44 (Sheffield) Not serving Sandpiper Road, Raven Drive, Curlew Rise, Scholes & Watson Road

Services 43 & 44 (Barnsley) Not serving Worsbrough Common

Services 50, 50a & 50b Main Rd - Chesterfield, Handley road

Service 50b (Doncaster) Unable to turn right at Memorial. Left to Hawthorne Ave turning circle to operate to Mill Lane

Services 51 & 51a (Sheffield) Terminating at Gleadless Town end (Charnock side).

Service 52 Not serving Heavygate Avenue via Heavygate Road both directions

Service 52a Using Beaver Hill and Badger Road (Wodhouse side). Terminating at Hillsborough (Loxley side)

Service 54 Unable to serve Shaftsbury Ave or the Oval. Operating Directly along York Rd to Redhouse Roundabout then back to Bosworth Rd

Service 56 Diverted via Blackstock Road in both directions (Herdings Side)

Service 57 (Sheffield) Not serving Worrall & Wadsley - using Middlewood Road between Hillsborough & Oughtibridge. Manchester Road only in Stocksbridge, not serving Deepcar & Stocksbridge estates

Service 65 (Shefield) Suspended

Service 66 (First) Terminating at Chapelfields

Service 66 (TM Travel) Suspended

Service 66 & N66 (Barnsley) Not serving Barber street, using Greenside Lane

Service 70 (Shefield) Suspended

Service 71 & 71a (Sheffield) Suspended

Service 72 (Killamarsh) Suspended

Service 74/74a Not serving Waverley. Not serving Howarth Road estate, Whitehill Road in both directions.

Service 75 Not Gregg House Rd, using Hartley Brook Rd, Nethershire Lane and Sicey Ave. (Shiregren side)

Service 76 Not Gregg House Rd, using Hartley Brook Rd, Nethershire Lane and Sicey Ave. (Shiregren side). Not serving the top of Bocking Lane. Diverted via Greenhill Avenue & Greenhill Main Road to Lowedges terminus. (Lowedges side)

Service 82 Now normal full route except missing Deer Park Road and Liberty Hill

Service 83/83b Terminating Knowle Lane via Eccelsall Rd. (Ecclesall side). Not using Firshill Crescent. Operating via Cooks Wood Road and Minna Road. (Ecclesfield Side)

Service 83a Not serving Firshill Crescent, divering via Shirecliffe Road, Cooks Wood Road & Rutland Road. Now running through to Fulwood but not serving Brooklands Avenue, Moorcroft Road, Hallam Grange Road & Redmires Road - diverting along Crimicar Lane & Barncliffe Road

Service 84b Terminating at Stainforth Church

Service 85 Operating Penistone Road only at Grenoside / Fox Hill. Normal route from Bracken Hill to High Green

Service 85 (TM Travel) Suspended

Service 93 Not serving Woolley Grange

Service 95 Suspended

Service 97 Now normal (Totley Side). Now using Crowder Road. Using Burngreave Rd only not Ellesmere Road. (Hillsborough side)

Service 98 Now normal (Totley Brook side). Now using Crowder Road. Divert from Southey to Hillsborough via Herries Road/Moonshine Lane. Using Burngreave Road not Ellesmere Road & Scott Road. Now serving Galsworthy Rd & Donovan Rd (Hillsborough Side)

Service 111 (TM Travel) Suspended

Service 114 Not serving Herringthorpe/Dovedale, Using Stag roundabout

Service 115 Not serving East Herringthorpe, terminating Mowbray Gardens

Service 120 (First) Now normal full route Fulwood (Church)-Crystal Peaks. Later Halfway journeys expected to miss Streetfields and Halfway Drive.

Service 137 Back to using Kimberworth Rd but then diverted via Droppingwell Road and Farm View Road up Meadowbank Rd. NOT SERVING WEST HILL

Service 137 (TM Travel) Suspended

Services 139 & 140 not using Oaks Lane service roads

Services 141 & 142 Not serving Wagon Road or Nidderdale Road, instead diverted via Munsborough Rise & Roughwood Road. Not using Oaks lane service roads

Service 222 Missing out Pearson Crescent

Service 227 Suspended

Service 252 Suspended

Services 271 & 272 (First) Suspended

Services 272, 273, 274 & 275 (Hulleys) Suspended

Services I4 & X4 DoncasterSheffield Airport closed - One service will run to Hayfield Lane as this service does Iport at 21.35

Services SL1 & SL1a Manchester Road only in Stocksbridge, not serving Deepcar & Stocksbridge estates

Services X5, X55 & 216 Not service Dog Kennel Lane, Via Todwick A57

Service X7 Suspended

Service X17 Running Sheffield to Chesterfield and Matlock to Chesterfield - split service

Service X26 Not serving Brierley Road. Service re-routed to Brieley via Engine Lane & Cross Hill

Service X27 Not serving Worsbrough Common

Service X54 Treeton lane impassable due to snow and ice. Normal service to Front street Treeton, then High Hazel Rd, Treeton, Orgreave, Waverly, Rotherham Rd, Retford Rd, then X5 service to Swallownest then picking up the X54 route from there. Not serving Hard Lane, Harthill. Terminate Todwick. Not serving Holderness drive, Wesley ave only