SNOW UPDATE: Limited number of bus services now running in Sheffield

Bus services across Sheffield are beginning to return to their normal routes after heavy snow.

Sunday, 18th March 2018, 5:42 pm
Updated Sunday, 18th March 2018, 5:45 pm
Snow in Crosspool this morning. Picture: Chris Holt.

Please note: We will do our best to update this list but Travel South Yorkshire said this would be the last update for Sunday night.

SupertramYellow running normal route.Blue now running through to Malin Bridge.Purple suspended due to deep snow at Herdings Park - this is being assessed to be reinstated

Sheffield/RotherhamService 1 - Running to high green via mortomley lane (High Green) and Running up Chesterfield road to Batemoor (Batemoor side).Service 1a - Terminating at Norton Water Tower via Blackstock Road (Herdings Side). Operating School Road both directions to serve High Green (High Green Side)Services 3/3A - Normal route City to Meadowhall - 3a running as a 3 (Meadowhall side)Service 4a - Diverted via Abbeydale road from Moorfoot to MillhousesServices 8/8a - terminate at Manor Top.(Crystal Peaks Side) Terminating Chaucer Asda. (Ecclesfield Side)Service 10 - Main roads only (via Bawtry Road through Wickersley/Bramley)Service 15A - SUSPENDEDService 18 - Diverted via Chesterfield Road & Bochum Parkway only to Lightwood roundabout.Servuce 18A - Diverted via Bochum Parkway only.Service 19 - SUSPENDEDService 20 - SUSPENDED (Hemsworth side). Now Normal (Ecclefield side)Service 24 - terminating at Manor Park Centre (Woodhouse Side). Now normal.(Low Edges side)Services 31/31b - Terminating Malin Bridge Service 36 - Now running Meadowhall Kimberworth only (CORRECTION)Service 38 - Missing Longley Hall using Herries Road Service 38A - SUSPENDEDService 41 - SUSPENDEDServices 50/50a/50b - Main roads onlyServices 51/51A - Now Normal (Lodge Moor side). Diverted via Eastbank Road & Manor Top, terminating at Gleadless Townend. (Charnock side)Service 52 - now normal route except mising Heavygate road in CrookesServices 52A - Diverted via Retford Road, Furnace Lane & Station Road. (Woodhouse side) Terminating Hillsborough (Crookes/Loxley side)Service 56 - SUSPENDEDService 57 - using Manchester road at Stocksbridge terminating at Unsliven BridgeServices 61/62 - SUSPENDEDService 66 - Main roads only not serving High Green or thorpe HesleyService 75 - To use Sicey Ave,Nethershire Lane and Hartley brook road to serve Shiregreen (Shiregren side). Diverted via Chesterfield Road, Bochum Parkway, & Dyche Lane Only. (Jordanthorpe side)Service 76 - To use Sicey Ave,Nethershire Lane and Hartley Brook Road to serve Shiregreen (Shiregren side). Diverted via Chesterfield Road & Greenhill Parkway. (Low edges side)Services 81/82 - Terminating Hunters Bar (Ecclesall side). Terminating Malin Bridge (Stannington Side). using snig Hill and High Street due to flooding on Bank Street.Service 83 - Terminating Hunters Bar (Fulwood side). Not serving Adlington Rd (Ecclesfield Side)Service 86 - Not serving Bevan Way, Wilcox rd and Foxhill Cresent - using Halifax Rd in both directions (High Green Side) Terminating Archer Road (Low Edges side) Services 83/83B - Terminate on knowle Lane (Ecclesall Side). operating via Cookswood road to Eccelsfield (Ecclesfield side)Service 85 - Main roads not serving high GreenService 95 - SUSPENDEDService 97 - Now Normal (Totley Side). Diverted via Burngreave Road, Norwood Road, Herries Road & Moonshine Lane, then normal route (Hillsborough)Service 98 - Now normal (Totley Brook side). Diverted via Burngreave Road, Norwood Road, Herries Road & Moonshine Lane, Southey Green Road & Wordsworth Avenue, then normal route. (Hillsborough side)Service 120 FIRST - Now normal (Halfway side). Terminating Ranmoor. (Fulwood Side)Service 120 STAGECOACH - Terminating Notre Dame School. (Fulwood Side)Service 218 - SUSPENDED for the rest of the day.Services 271/272 - SUSPENDEDServices SL1/SL1a - Serving Manchester Road onlyService X17 - Not serving Matlock

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Barnsley and Dearne ValleyService 1 - Not serving Kingsway-Broadway-New Road or Coniston AveService 6 - Terminating at Medical Centre-Not serving Cyprees Road or Bank EndServices 8/8A/9 - 1 Bus Doing 8/9 avoiding Symonds ave (limited service)Service 21a - Not serving Gilroyd-Silkstone Common-Oxspring-Springvale-Claret Street-Cubley-Millhouse Green / Terminating at Penistone ChurchService 27 - Not serving Nancy CrescentServices 59/59a - Not serving Cross Lane-Midland RoadService 66 - Not serving Jump-ElscarService 67C - Not serving Wilson StreetService 70 - No ServiceService 208 - Now normalService 217 - No Service Service 218 - SUSPENDED for the rest of the nightService 220 - Normal route except running via Doncaster Road through Denaby to/from ConisbroughService 221 - Normal route except running via Doncaster Road through Denaby to/from ConisbroughService 222 - missing out Aldham house EstateService 226 - Resume service from 1815 from BarnsleyService 737 - No Service

DoncasterAll First Doncaster services now normal running.All Arriva Services are no normal running.