SNOW UPDATE: Disruption to bus services and Supertram in South Yorkshire

Many bus services have been cancelled or are severely disrupted across South Yorkshire this morning.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 18 March, 2018, 09:44
Snowfall in Sheffield. Picture: Chris Etchells

Sheffield and Rotherham

Supertram - Yellow running normal route. Blue now running through to Malin Bridge. Purple suspended


1a - Short service terminating in City Centre and Terminating Chapeltown via Barnsley Road (not Firth Park).

8/8a - Diverted via 120 route City / Peaks. Terminating Chaucer Asda.

24 - Terminating City. Not using Lowedges bus gate.

75 - Not serving Shiregreen - terminating city. From City diverted via Chesterfield Road, Bochum Parkway, & Dyche Lane Only.

76 - Not serving Shiregreen - terminating City. From City diverted via Chesterfield Road & Greenhill Parkway.

81/82 - Terminating Hunters Bar. Terminating Malin Bridge

120 - Diverted via Sheffield Road (not Birley Spa Lane). Terminating Hallamshire Hospital.

X1 - Terminating Bramley.


1 - Teminating at Chapeltown and running up Chesterfield road to Batemoor

2 - Missing Worsbrough Village

7 - Terminating at Asda Parsons Cross

25 - Main roads only to Woodseats

31/31b - Ternimating Malin Bridge

52 - Badger suspended, using Station Road both ways

57 - Manchester road at Stocksbridge terminating at Unsliven Bridge

83 - Terminating Hunters Bar/not serving Adlington Rd

86 - Not serving Bevan Way we are not serving Wilcox rd and Foxhill Cresent we are using Halifax rd in both directions termininte archer road

88 - Terminate Hunters Bar serving Barnsley rd only

120 - main roads only terminate @ Hallamshire

SL1/1a - Serving Barnsley Road only




1 - Not serving Kingsway-Broadway-New Road or Coniston Ave

6 - Terminating at Medical Centre-Not serving Cyprees Road or Bank End

8/8A/9 - No Service

21a - Not serving Gilroyd-Silkstone Common-Oxspring-Springvale-Claret Street-Cubley-Millhouse Green / Terminating at Penistone Church

22X - Running Main Roads only

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27 - Not serving Brierley Park-Nancy Crescent

59/59a - Not serving Cross Lane-Midland Road

66/N66 - Not serving Jump-Elscar

70 - No Service

95 - Not serving Queens Drive

208 - No Service

217 - No Service

218 - No Service

219 - Not serving Sprotbrough- Great Houghton / operating as an X19 /Attempting full route from Barnsley @ 10:50 & Doncaster @ 11:20 / Drivers will report on road conditions

220 - 11:30 Service from Cortonwood will run main rds only

221 - 09:59 From Roth interchange will run

222 - 10:15 Service from cortonwood running missing out Aldham house

226 - No service


Services running, apart from the following:


10 - Suspended

15A - Main road only

50/50A/50B - Using main roads only. Unable to turn right at Memorial. Left to Hawthorne Ave turning circle to operate to Mill Lane

54 - Terminating early. operating directly via York Road not going round estate to the oval using mMin Rd only

58 - Operating via Bawtry Road, right onto Stoops Lane

64/64A - Terminating at Bentley.

66 - diverting via Thorne Road To Shaftsbury upto the roundabout and returning same

81/82 - diverting via Thorne Road

84 - diverting via Thorne Road

205 - Missing Harwarth out Due to weather conditions

X1 - Suspended

X78 - Using main roads only not going through Conisbrough South Street closed operating via main road. Maple Grove closed operating via Old Road. Twelve o-clock Court Petrol Station as City Centre is very icy.