Snow rescue for Sheffield ambulance patient

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A patient in need of medical care had to be rescued from their snowed-in Sheffield home late last night.

An ambulance was unable to reach the casualty, who lived in Loxley, due to the snow and ice and so the fire brigade was called in to help reach them.

A team from Rivelin was sent out at about midnight.

A spokesman for the Rivelin team said: “The ambulance couldn’t get there in the snow.

“We went in the fire engine first but it got stuck so we had to run back to the fire station, pick up our 4X4 and proceed that way instead.

“We assisted the ambulance service to get the casualty down to the ambulance in the 4X4.”

Meanwhile, firefighters from Tankersley and Elm Lane battled the snow to get to a bin fire at a block of flats at Stones Inge, High Green, at about 1.30am.

A bin store attached to the block of flats had set on fire and four apartments had to be evacuated due to the smoke spreading.

A spokesman for the Elm Lane team said: “No fire spread to the properties but there was smoke spread.

“The engine had to stop at the top of the road as we couldn’t get right down to the flats in the snow.

“We had to stay about 100m away and run the hose 100m down the road.

“We made it to the incident and made it back with some digging out!”

A fire crew in Barnsley helped a man who had lost control of his car on the M1 southbound and gone down an embankment with his two children.

There were no injuries.

A Rotherham fire crew was called to a car fire on Pleasley Road, Ulley, at 8.40pm last night.

A spokesman said: “We managed to get there at a safe speed and dealt with the incident.

“There were several vehicles stuck on that stretch of road as it’s a rural area and quite hilly.”