Snow and ice leave motorists stranded on remote hill pass

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MOTORISTS who were marooned in icy conditions when a snowstorm struck on a Peak District road have criticised the emergency services’ response.

Around 40 cars were stranded for hours because of ice and snow flurries on Winnats Pass, which crosses the Pennines in Derbyshire.

Cars became wedged on untreated roads bordering ravines as they travelled along the route west of Castleton on Friday night.

One woman from Dronfield was stuck along with fellow motorists for more than two hours on the one-in-five gradient.

The woman’s husband said cars were ‘totally jammed’ on the road.

“People left their cars and were wandering around in sub-zero temperatures,” he said. “When vehicles did move they were in grave danger of slithering across the untreated roads and down the side of the ravine.”

Derbyshire Police said there were no injuries reported and gritters were called quickly to the scene.