SNOW ALERT: Weather warning issued for Sheffield

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The Met Office has this morining issued a Yellow Warning for snow for much of the UK, including Sheffield.

WEATHER ALERT: Heavy snow forecast for Sheffield for Bank Holiday
The warning covers the period of 12.15 and 11.45pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

A Yellow Warning for snow has been issued

A Yellow Warning for snow has been issued

The advisory warns of the 'Possibility of heavy snow over parts of England, Wales and southern Scotland, especially for high ground' and that 'travel may be affected'.

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According to the Met Office 'there is a small chance of travel delays on roads with some stranded vehicles and passengers, along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel'.

There is also a risk some rural communities could be cut off and there is also a chance of power cuts and interuption to mobile phone services.

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The warning states: "As a weather system moves in from the south and comes up against cold air over the UK, there is the chance that rain could turn to heavy snow in places.

"Several cm of snow are possible, especially over hills, with drifting in strong winds.

There is also the possibility of a few cm of wet snow gathering at lower levels.

"At present the extent and amounts of any snow are very uncertain, and it is quite possible that snow might not be too disruptive."