Snooker table short of a sports bar

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I contacted you sometime ago regarding The Sportsman pub and the removal of the full-size snooker from the pub.

Punch Taverns are to start refurbishing the pub next Monday, turning our local pub into a trendy sports bar.

The new tenant has vowed not to keep the snooker table as it is not profitable enough.

Turning our local into a sports bar is bad enough, not taking any of the pub regulars’ points of view or concerns into account at all is worse.

Sports bars may have their place in the town centre or Ecclesall Road or maybe Woodseats but a sleepy suburb of Sheffield, I think not.

Remember Mr Qs (The Red Lion, Chesterfield Road, Heeley, that almost killed the pub off altogether and that was on a main road into the town centre.

If the sports bar is inevitable, can’t there be a sports bar with a snooker table?

David Price