Snake Pass motorbike accidents increase with two killed last year

More than a dozen motorcyclists have had accidents on the Snake Pass road between Sheffield and Manchester in the past 12 months - with two losing their lives.
Snake Pass in the High Peak. Picture Scott MerryleesSnake Pass in the High Peak. Picture Scott Merrylees
Snake Pass in the High Peak. Picture Scott Merrylees

New figures released under the Freedom of Information Act show a sharp increase in the number of accidents on the notorious road involving motorbikes.

An FoI request from Yorkshire-based personal injury company Sure Claim said there were 15 accidents in 2014, up from four in 2013.

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The 15 accidents last year equals the number reported in 2009.

Two of the motorbike accidents last year on the road were fatal.

Of the seven accidents between 2009 and 2014 that resulted in people losing their lives, four involved motorcyclists. The other fatalities related to one accident involving a van, another involving a car and a third relating to a pedestrian.

The response recorded the worst month of the year for accidents on Snake Pass as being September, with May coming in second place.

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Sure Claim said 92 per cent of motorcyclists involved in accidents nationally last year suffered injuries in collisions - more than double the 40 per cent of car users who were hurt.

Jack Ferraro, Head of Sure Claim’s Serious Injury Team, said: “The fact there is such a large difference between the number of road and motorcycle casualties suggests that motorcycle safety is an issue that needs more attention.

“More needs to be done to protect motorcyclists on the roads, particularly on routes such as Snake Pass, where accidents are common.”

Data released by the Department for Transport last week revealed 339 motorcycle users were killed in accidents in 2014, representing a 2.4 per cent increase from the previous year.

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Mr Ferraro said: “Snake Pass is a highly dangerous route where a high number of accidents take place.

“While icy conditions in winter do contribute to incidents, our FOI figures suggest that driving at high speeds in the warmer months is also playing a considerable role in the number of people who are injured while riding. We urge all motorists to keep well within the speed limit, to be extra vigilant and to resist the urge to overtake other road users on Snake Pass in particular, to guard against putting your life - and others - in danger.”