Smokers not making link

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NEARLY a third of residents in Sheffield are unaware of the link between cancer and smoking, according to public health experts.

A health survey has revealed 31 per cent of Sheffield folk are unaware of the link between cigarettes and cancer.

In Barnsley the figure was even higher at 33 per cent, while in Doncaster 22 per cent hadn’t linked the two.

The figures were revealed more than 60 years after scientists first raised concerns about the link between cigarettes and cancer.

Dr Rupert Suckling, Doncaster’s deputy director of public health, said he was shocked by the statistics, from a survey carried out in 2010.

Dr Suckling said: “We were shocked, because we put a lot of effort into making people aware. We need to understand why people are not picking up the health messages around giving up smoking, and we are looking at how we can reach these people.”

Around half of smokers will die from their habit.