Smells a bit strange to me

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Smells odd to me...

Disney Store has just launched a range of home fragrances.

The scents are supposed to smell like Neverland would, or an enchanted forest should. Or of marshmallow clouds and a brand new baby (after its bath, not after birth).

And I can’t quite work out who it’s aimed at.

It all sounds so little-girly. Yet wild berries and the soft path of a forest floor? Surely sugar and spice, all things nice and a fresh mug of cocoa is what a little girl’s bedroom should smell of? And no one in their right minds would give a child a room spray and a bottle of hand-wash, let alone a room candle. Perish the thought.

So maybe it’s hormonal, adolescent girls it’s aimed at? Something to mask the smell of cigs and cider, three-day-old pizza and McDonald’s wrappers?

Rellies might well buy sulky teens such sweet-smelling gifts in the hope of luring them back from their rebellious twilight world. Though I can’t see it working. Girls of a certain age want something a bit more dangerous and grown-up than a candle smelling of woodland trails and pixie dust.

My conclusion is the Imagination collection must be aimed at those soppy women who never grew up. The female Peter Pans, with puppydog nightie cases and a china doll collection, who say pink is their favourite colour and believe in angels.