Smart motorway testing on M1 in South Yorkshire

The final stage of testing work for a scheme set to improve journeys for drivers on a section of motorway running through South Yorkshire is due to begin this month.

Technology tests will take place for a new ‘smart motorway’ due to go live between junctions 28 and 31 of the M1 next month.

Testing will take place in stages along each stretch between junctions and a 50mph speed restriction will be in place during the tests for safety reasons.

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Once successful testing is complete, the speed restriction will be lifted and all four lanes will operate at 70mph.

Andy Kirk, senior project lead at Highways England, said: “The tests will allow us to gather reliable traffic data and calibrate the technology systems along this stretch.”

The smart motorway scheme will see the hard shoulder permanently converted to an extra lane to increase capacity and variable speed limits will also be used to keep traffic moving.

An extra fourth lane will be opened between Junction 28 and 29 on the northbound carriageway from March 2.