Smart meters will be in every home by 2020

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Across Yorkshire and the Humber, from Harrogate to Grimsby, Whitby to Hull, many people are not confident in the accuracy of their gas and electricity bills and feel they don’t have the information they need to choose the right tariff. And more than 350,000 households across the regions are using clunky and expensive pre-pay key meters. Yorkshire & Humber have some of the highest rates of fuel poverty in the country with many families are still struggling to pay for this large chunk of the household budget.

Smart meters are coming to every home, and they’re going to transform this outdated experience.

Between now and 2020, every home and micro-business will be offered a smart meter, installed by energy suppliers at no additional cost.

No more meter readings, no more ‘estimated bills’ – you get an accurate bill and only pay for what you’ve actually used. Would you imagine having to call your mobile phone company to tell them how many minutes you’d used?

Smart meters measure the gas and electricity you use and communicate directly with your energy supplier. The handheld display tells you in near real time how much energy you’re using and what it costs, in pounds and pence.

This will allow us to take control of how we buy and use gas and electricity. You can learn more visiting

Sacha Deshmukh, Chief Executive

Smart Energy GB, East Side, King’s Cross Station, London N1C 4AX