Small things with big meanings

Throughout our lives we all gain something that may not be valuable money wise, but the memories and sentimental value make them priceless.

Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 2:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th December 2016, 10:22 am
My special item

These days peoplpe think too much about the price rather than the memories and closeness of having something that means more than money.

A precious item can just be about the memories and that you dearly cherish something so much you couldn’t live without it. We all have something close to us with a little story and I have combined a few starting with my own precious item.

Shannon's bracelet and necklace

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My precious item is a cuddly dog I was given when I was first born. This dog was given to me by my grandad and it’s something I was never without.

Natalie Young aged 18, received a heart with her name on the front and nan on the back.

Natalie told me she received this at her nan’s funeral and it’s very sentimental to her. Natalie’s nan liked white roses, so at the funeral they placed white roses on her coffin. They all took a heart, to resemble guests giving her the roses and her nan giving them the hearts in return.

“This will always be very precious to me as it’s the last thing my nan gave to me,” said Natalie.

Shannon's bracelet and necklace

Shannon Lomas aged 17, received a necklace and a bracelet when she was a newborn.

These items are very sentimental to Shannon because her grandma bought her them and she was very close to her.

Shannon remembers the memories of her grandma with the bracelet and necklace. They became extremely sentimental to her when her grandma passed away.

“The necklace and bracelet bring back all the lovely memories I shared with my nan and for that they will always be close to my heart,” said Shannon.

The moral is to treasure the items that aren’t necessarily worth a fortune but the ones that hold memories and love. Those are the ones that are worth a fortune to you in your heart.