Small dog with a big personality needs a loving home

He may only be small but Socks has got a big personality.

Tuesday, 19th July 2016, 11:02 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th July 2016, 12:04 pm
Socks from the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre

The little black and white cross breed, who is one year and four months old, has bags of energy.

Socks and his pal Tito were abandoned by owners and he is now looking for a happy home.

He has been cared for by the Sheffield Snimnal Centre since late February and they have learned more about the little dog’s habits.

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When interacting with other dogs the RSPCA say he may possibly require several meet and greets to get to know them. It is also unknown how Socks would react to the presence of cats.

It is also unknown how often Socks needs to be walked but Socks does not need any special diet and he likes to eat James Wellbeloved Complete dog food.

A spokesman for the Sheffield Animal Centre, Adam Spencer, said: “Socks came to us with his pal, Tito, after they were cruelly abandoned by their owner.

“The two pets have had a lot to deal with in their relatively short lives and haven’t had a great deal of love and happiness. They are both hoping that their next homes will be much better.

“They also hope that both of them will find people to love and care for them properly.”

Socks has been a little anxious around some dogs that he has met at the centre, but it is thought he may still be suitable to live with another dog but the carers at the centre would ensure that he and a prospective housemate have numerous meet and greets to establish a good relationship.

Socks has rather a lot of energy and loves nothing more than a good run and he is looking for owners who are able to give him the physical and mental stimulation to feel happy and relaxed.

Due to his silly, bouncy nature the centre feels that he is better suited to a home with children 13 years and over.

When he arrived at the centre he had a problem with his hip which caused him pain and restricted his movement. He has now had surgery to rectify this and although he is much happier, there is a possibility he may get arthritis in the joint as he gets older and he will always walk with a slightly odd gait.

Socks is a brilliant boy who deserves that fresh start where he can turn his life around and learn how it feels to be truly loved and be where he can be a genuine part of the family.

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