Slogan to do what it says on the South Yorkshire tin

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The man who came up with Ronseal woodstain’s world-beating slogan has been recruited to put a shine on the image of his home town of Barnsley.

Globe-trotting Ged Shields dreamed up ‘It does exactly what it says on the tin’ as part of his marketing job with Ronseal where he has worked for 25 years.

The firm has used it as a cornerstone of their advertising and marketing since 1994 and Ged has risen to become marketing vice president for Sherwin-Williams the American paint giant which owns Ronseal.

He still lives in Hoylandswaine, Barnsley, is based at the firm’s plant at Chapeltown, Sheffield, and is a Barnsley season ticket holder.

Now, after a chance meeting with Barnsley Council leader Steve Houghton in the gym, he has volunteered to help spruce up the town’s image.

The pair discovered they were both season ticket holders at Oakwell and began chatting about the challenges facing the town

And Ged, aged 51, volunteered to help encourage businesses and retailers to invest in Barnsley , including in the redevelopment of the market and the town centre.

Ged said he wanted to help the town but added: “It’s not going to be easy. There’s no miracle fix. We need to show that Barnsley is a good deal better than some people on the outside would have us believe.

“It isn’t just a case of coming up with a slogan. we’ve got to look at a lot of data, do a lot of research about what is going to encourage businesses and retailers to come here.”

Ged added : “I don’t want anything out of this myself.But the way I see it I could either sit back at home and read about what the council is doing or I could try and help.

“The only thing I stand to gain is feeling that I’ve helped, even if it’s just a tiny bit. I want to see jobs created here in Barnsley. For our young people more than anything.”

Barnsley Council head of communications Bob Williams said : “We are delighted somebody of Ged’s experience and knowledge has stepped forward to offer his support in bringing jobs and investment into the borough.”