Slob culture rules now as they just don’t care

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I was delighted to read in The Star that Devonshire Green is looking much tidier and that a huge increase in the issuing of fixed penalty charges for littering occurred in 2012/13.

An enormouse 376 people were issued with penalties last year, a magnificent one person per day.

You could spend 10 minutes in Fargate and see 20 people dropping rubbish, so one charge per day is hardly breathtaking.

Of course Devonshire Green looks better. The Star highlighted the problem, so no doubt Amey threw resources at it to avoid more bad publicity.

I recently wrote to you about the state of the area where I live and quoted Coun Peter Price as saying that the cleaning service had been reduced due to the cutbacks and people needed to stop dropping litter.

He’s right on both counts. I have just walked up Gregg House Road, and there are numerous front gardens covered in rubbish. They have been like that for months.

If people live like that, there’s little chance that dropping a few bits of rubbish in the street is going to worry them.

In the eighties and nineties we used to talk about the yob culture.

It seems their kids have grown up and turned into a slob culture. It happens everywhere, not just Sheffield, and you will never educate them because they just don’t care.