Slip sliding away in Firth Park while Amey workers look on

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Last Friday morning I went to the Firth Park shopping centre, and it was obvious before I even got off the bus that the icy pavements were treacherous.

Parked outside the Co-op across the road from the bus stop was a lorry belonging to Council contractors, Amey.

It had a load of road salt on the back, a couple of shovels, and two guys in the cab watching people struggling to walk. There was no sign that any of the area had been gritted.

As I left the Co-op a few minutes later, the lorry was driving away, and I proceeded to the Bank. I had to pass the corner of Sicey Avenue and Bellhouse Road, and this stretch of the pavement was like a skating rink.

I mentioned this in the bank and the counter staff told me that three people had already fallen down outside the bank that morning.

They told me they were so concerned that they had contacted head office and been advised to contact the council.

Apparently they had been trying to contact the council to ask for the area to be gritted, but no one was answering the phone.

The council’s environmental councillor Jayne Dunn was quoted in the Star (February 4) as saying just because there had been an increase in the number of people falling in Sheffield since it snowed, it couldn’t be assumed it was due to pavements not being gritted.

Talk about trying to dodge the issue. No, we can’t assume anything, but there’s every possibility that it was because of non-gritting, as Firth Park showed, and it was done on your watch, Coun Dunn, so you are responsible. The responsibility goes with your fancy job title.

It beggars belief that with the pavements in that condition the bank couldn’t contact the council, while an Amey lorry loaded with salt drove off without apparently gritting anything.