SLIDESHOW: Sheffield Half Marathon 2016 - can you spot yourself in our photo gallery?

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Can you spot yourself in our Sheffield Half Marathon 2016 gallery?

It was a superb race and a fantastic day as thousands of runners were cheered through the city during the 2016 Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon in Sheffield.

The Half Marathon runners

The Half Marathon runners

Arundel Gate was packed with people of all ages and abilities as the first wave crossed the start line at 9.30am before the first finishers came through in Pinstone Street about an hour later, via the new route up Ecclesall Road.

Thousands of pounds has been raised for good causes, while spectators lined streets across the city.

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The Half Marathon runners

The Half Marathon runners

And don't forget to pick up a copy of The Star on Monday, April 11 for the full report and see if you can spot yourself on our pages...