SLIDESHOW: Rotherham police bar protesters from town

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Police claimed their strategy of stopping far-right protesters coming into Rotherham - and kicking out others who did make it in - prevented violence in the town yesterday.

The force made six arrests, turned away 12 cars and issued 52 dispersal notices to people in the town, after a group called the South East Alliance set up a planned protest.

South Yorkshire Police said it could ‘reasonably assume’ that the group was ‘intent on causing disorder or violence’ and used powers under breach of the peace to effectively bar the protesters from the town.

Watch the slideshow to check out a sample of the police response in the town yesterday.

Gold Commander for the operation Deputy Chief Constable Andy Holt said: “From the start of today’s operation it was always our intention to use these robust tactics to prevent groups of people intent on disorder from entering the county.

“These tactics were used proportionately based on the information posted on social media and this group’s prior activity.

“A significant number of people travelled to South Yorkshire to protest who we felt we could reasonably judge would engage in violence, disorder or damage.

“The use of these tactics prevented any form of protest taking place in Rotherham.

“This meant there was no disruption or inconvenience for local businesses and community members, which was our ultimate aim.

“We hope today’s operation has sent out a clear message to right-wing groups intent on causing disorder that we will take a no-nonsense approach and will do everything within our power to prevent disruption to the lives of the public of South Yorkshire.”

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