Sleepwalking into this con

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Greece is an ancient country that has endured and overcome much adversity, conflict and suffering. The same goes for Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain. But these once proud nations are now on the brink of financial collapse, unkindly labelled PIIGS.

It all started when a group of politicians put their heads together to form a club called the European Union which would supposedly forge a collective alliance to promote protection, prosperity and opportunity for member states. Fellow politicians around the Continent rallied to join like sheep - including the UK - spouting off to voters how much better off we’d all be. What they didn’t tell us was that each member would be subjected to untold bureaucracy, have their laws overturned by Brussels and pay billions in subscription fees.

Not surprisingly, the thousands of politicians who had their snouts in the club’s trough have received - and continue to receive - huge compensation, some running into the millions.

How did we allow ourselves to sleepwalk into this massive con? Did we really believe the slick-willies or did we just sit back and let them get on with it? Is there worse to come? Are we next? More crucially, are we prepared to do anything about it? Wake up.

Peter Flynn, Hillsborough

Toys for boys

What’s this? Another toy for the boys paid for by the taxpayer? We’re told every day that cutbacks must be made. But if the fire service has £40,000 to waste, it’s obvious the department is over-funded. Time all these public services were investigated to see how much is being wasted.

Mick Hird, Ecclesfield