Skye teaches kids how to save energy

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Cartoon character Skye created a real buzz among pupils on a visit to a Sheffield primary school.

Youngsters at Hillsborough’s Marlcliffe Primary learned lots about climate change, renewable energy and how to become greener and more energy efficient.

The school had won one of npower’s Climate Cops Academy days and around 40 pupils from Year 5 were shown some simple ways to save energy.

The day was filled with activities, including generating electricity with body movement, working with miniature examples of renewable energy sources, using thermal imaging cameras to see how much heat is emitted from the human body, and the effects of insulation.

Skye was there to encourage the pupils and create a memorable learning experience.

Npower volunteers Mick Cottyn, Craig Bethell and Jules Purnell helped by encouraging and assisting children with the activities.

Assistant head Julian Brooks said: “It was an excellent day - the children loved the fact the learning was interactive and they could ‘have a go’.

“They followed the environmental issues and enjoyed having Skye around.

“The whole learning experience was enthusiastic and child-centred.”

Around 20,000 children have taken part in Climate Cops Academy days in the UK.