Skoda driver stopped going 112mph on Sheffield Parkway

The Skoda that was seized on Sheffield Parkway
The Skoda that was seized on Sheffield Parkway
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A driver in a modified Skoda has had his car seized after being stopped going at 112mph on the Sheffield Parkway.

South Yorkshire Police’s Operational Support team said the driver of the vehicle was stopped after being followed by an unmarked patrol car leaving a modified car meet in Rotherham on Sunday.

The car was clocked going at over twice the 50mph speed limit on the section of road he was driving on.

An officer from Operational Support said on the team’s Facebook page: “SYP Operational Support had been patrolling a modified car meet in Rotherham. Although we do not endorse these events we know that the vast majority of people who attend are law abiding and want to enjoy the sights of other modified car enthusiasts.

“There are the minority though who want to ruin it for everyone else and think that they are above the law

“The event had been going without much incident until this reckless individual was getting ready to leave.

“For some reason they decided to draw attention to themselves by wheel spinning away from the venue. There was a beady eyed traffic officer in an unmarked patrol car who happened to see this so decided to go and have a word with the driver.

“It was not until the Skoda driver joined the Sheffield Parkway that he decided to put his foot down, whilst being followed by unmarked Police vehicle. The speed limit soon drops to a 50mph but the Skoda driver thought it was OK to accelerate and was clocked at a whopping 112mph.

“Now the driver has no car; it was seized under Police Reform Act powers. The driver has been reported for various offences and will be summonsed to the Magistrates Court where it is highly likely he will be fined, given points and probably a period of disqualification.

“It is this minority who we will pursue, prosecute and remove from the roads because it is this minority who will end up killing you, me, or your loved ones.

“The modified car scene is massive but it is because of this minority that they have a bad reputation and these events are closed down so often.”