Skinny cook puts you off your food

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At least Nigella had the common decency to be plump.

All that butter and cream, olive oil and chocolate she drizzled, poured and crammed into dish after delectable dish... happily for the rest of us, it showed on her hips.

Quite right, too. It stands to reason that to be any good, you’ve got to love food - and tasting as you’re making is not only a perk, it is essential if you want to get things right.

I admit, I am highly suspicious of skinny cooks. They might be Feeders, vengeful thinnies whose mission in life is to make you fatter than them. Or harbouring an eating disorder which pushes them to make dish after delicious dish, then load it onto the plates of unsuspecting folk purely so they can watch them eat what they dare not.

But new telly cook Lorraine Pascale breaks the jelly mould.

Slender and beautiful, she is. And a former model. Not one of those who lived on cigarettes and black coffee, either. Apparently she loves eating as much as she loves cooking. Comfort food is her passion, she’s naturally thin and not prone to piling on the pounds.

Utterly sickening.

I am trying hard to hate her.