Skills shared at repair cafe

Heeley Cafe Repair
Heeley Cafe Repair
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Volunteers gave their time and skills for free over the weekend at a ‘repair cafe’ to help Sheffield residents fix their broken belongings instead of throwing them away.

The event was held at Heeley City Farm and proved so successful organisers hope to repeat it once a month.

Repair Sheffield is an organisation set up to give people with practical and DIY skills the chance to pass on their knowledge and expertise to the next generation.

It encourages people to try to repair their belongings instead of ditching them and buying new.

Sarah Hardy, events co-ordinator at Heeley City Farm, said: “The idea behind the repair cafe is that there are so many people out there at retirement age with skills and knowledge who would still like to use their skills and could pass them on to another generation.

“We live in a throwaway society these days but with people struggling for money in these times these repair cafes give people the chance to learn how to repair their things.

“Repair Sheffield has a list of people such as seamstresses, electricians, a garden tools specialist, people who just like tinkering and fixing things, and they are building that list up all the time.

“The idea is that there will eventually be enough people wanting to take part that the repair cafes could be held all over the city.”

Gordon Ferguson, who helped set up Repair Sheffield, said: “We are trying to build this up so that we have more and more people willing to get involved and help teach people how to repair things.

“It’s important that we pass on these skills before they are lost.”

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