Ski Village housing proposal criticised by Star readers

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News: Bringing you news 24-hours a day.
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Possible plans for a multi-million pound housing development on the derelict site of Sheffield Ski Village have been criticised by Star readers.

The Star revealed yesterday 70 houses could be built on the site, which has been destroyed by fire.

WEDANCE said on The Star’s website: “A good few years back now it was stated that the Ski Village was going to host either the European or even World Championship skiing competition. This is another piece of Sheffield gone down the pan. We cannot keep anything for five minutes before it is either closed or demolished.”

N P Johnson said: “The council should not give planning permission to build housing on that site, certainly not the top part of it.

Perhaps it’s a little different if we’re talking about the location of the former chalet near to the site entrance. One of the reasons the land around Parkwood is not built on is that it is extremely steep.”

Davros added: “Sheffield doesn’t need any more (empty) housing! We’ve got that huge ugly tower block on Arundel Gate which nobody wanted to move in to!

SheffieldEngland said: “It’s a shame. I’ve heard people far and wide talk about the ski village when I mention Sheffield. Another decent facility lost.”

And fellow reader dromedary added: “The land itself is mainly on a slope which will be difficult to build on and the bottom end is prone to flooding because of the slope. This makes it expensive for any house building.”

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