Size of council job cuts to be revealed

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TOWN Hall bosses in Sheffield will write to the Government today to confirm they are considering axing hundreds of council jobs.

Union representatives met with council officials yesterday to discuss the plans, believed to involve 600 redundancies, as the authority prepares to cut £50 million next year.

The council has not yet confirmed the figure but at 5pm today will give official notice of the number of jobs at risk.

Any employer has to notify the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills if they plan to make 20 or more redundancies. They must give 30 days’ notice - or 90 days if more than 100 jobs are to go.

Unison official Rod Padley said: “We met with the council but they did not provide any information at all.

“They said they were not prepared to pass on any details of what is happening, unless we guaranteed we would not speak to the Press. So we are at stalemate.”

A council spokeswoman said: “We are still working on our budget for next year and do not relish having to put a figure on the potential number of jobs that might be affected relatively early in our budget planning process.

“The figures will be indicative and towards the upper end of our estimate. We will deal with hard facts when we know more in 2012.

“We regularly meet the trade unions and we would want these meetings to be based upon an agreed level of trust and understanding, given the sensitivities of what we’re talking about.”