Size matters, shoe size that is

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So now the world knows why Sophia Loren is so attractive to men.

It’s the size of her... feet.

The Italian siren, still hotter than a double-pepperoni pizza at almost 77, is renowned for her voluptuous curves.

But her rounded hips, those doughy bosoms... They might as well be flat as frittatas. It’s her dainty plates of meat that really give her sex appeal.

She’s a size 5 – and a costly study into what makes a sexy foot has pronounced this the winner.

As it’s probably the most common British shoe size, I am certainly not going to argue. We’ll take all the compliments we can.

Though the proviso is the size 5 foot must be arched into three-inch heels. And its toenails must be painted pillar-box red. That, readers, is the perfect formula for a sex goddess’s foot.

You may conclude that men were behind this survey. But no; it was a clever firm who make foot plasters, which a woman permanently in three-inch stilettos is surely going to need.