Six Sheffield Wednesday and Chesterfield fans investigated over racist incidents

Graphic charts allegations of racism involving football supporters dealt with by British Transport Police from 2012 to Feb 2015.
Graphic charts allegations of racism involving football supporters dealt with by British Transport Police from 2012 to Feb 2015.
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Sheffield Wednesday fans have been involved in three incidents of alleged racism on trains since 2012, new figures have revealed.

Three Chesterfield supporters have also been investigated for racist incidents in the same period, according to British Transport Police.

BTP said they had dealt with 128 allegations of football-related racist incidents since 2012.

Chelsea supporters have been involved in the most number of reported racist incidents as they travelled to and from matches on trains, with 15 reports.

Manchester United were second with 10 incidents, followed by Leeds with 10, West Ham with eight, Arsenal with four and Portsmouth with four.

It follows the high profile case of a black man who was prevented from boarding a train in Paris by Chelsea fans as they sang a racist song, with five of them due in court this week.

Apart from Wednesday and Chesterfield, no other local clubs were involved in any reported racist incidents on trains.

Information, gathered by the Press Association from 24 police forces, showed there have been over 350 football-related racist incidents since 2012.

But as that only accounts for around half the police forces in the country, the actual figure is likely to be much higher.

Derbyshire Police reported seven incidents involving football fans since 2012, but South Yorkshire Police said they did not have information available to release.

Hertfordshire Police recorded 11 incidents of alleged racist abuse at children’s football games, while Northamptonshire Police said that during a non-league game a man was spat at and racially abused before eventually having his leg broken in a strong challenge.

Gavin Sutherland, campaign co-ordinator at Show Racism The Red Card, said: “This data shows that although football clubs have taken strong action against people using racist language inside stadiums, racism is a real problem within society.

“People who exhibit racist behaviours in 2015 are doing so, in the main, away from football grounds. Especially worrying are the incidents of racist abuse at youth team football matches.

People engaged in racist abuse at these venues know that they are more likely to get away with it, because of facilities, a lack of stewarding and security, but the impact on young people will be considerable. Primarily, they are being exposed to racism, which in itself is frightening, but also it may influence their own behaviour.”