Six in the running for Sheffield Council Graves Park seat

Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.
Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.
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Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 22, to choose new members for Sheffield Council, including a new representative in Graves Park ward.

Six candidates are vying to join existing ward members. Coun Ian Auckland and Coun Denise Reaney. Coun Bob McCann is not seeking re-election.

The candidates are:

STEVE AYRIS, of Park Grange Croft, Norfolk Park – Liberal Democrat

Mr Ayris, who has worked for local banks and charities, said: “I’ve lived in the local area for many years and I know people appreciate the hard work the local Lib Dem team do all year round. Locally we’ve been campaigning to save library services and block council plans to sell off land in Graves Park. It’s a shame though that so many people feel ignored by Labour’s Council bosses. While our libraries and park are crying out for investment, Labour politicians continue to pour funds into pet projects in their own favoured areas. It’s clear our area needs a strong local team and I’m committed to putting our area first. I’ll continue to fight for Graves Park, to protect our local green spaces and libraries.”

KEITH ENDEAN, of Lees Hall Road, Norton – Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

The 50-year-old nurse said: “People from the Left need a real alternative to vote for. Locally, Sheffield Council has alternated between Labour and the Liberals and implemented all the Con-Dems cuts. A TUSC councillor would stand against these cuts in services used by the majority. We have watched public service become a non-service, our waste collections become fortnightly and completely lost our garden waste service. These cuts in our services now just increase the profits of the private companies running these so-called services. Their profits are taken from our council tax. Working class people need a party who will stand up for them, but Labour nationally are cutting their links with the trade unions, the Liberals are in bed with the Tories, and UKIP scapegoat immigrants while being more Tory than the Tories!. TUSC offer a real socialist alternative for the benefit of the 99 per cent majority, not the 1 per cent super-rich.

WILL GATES, of Linburn Road, Woodseats – UKIP

Awaiting information

DAVID HAYES, of Linden Avenue, Woodseats – Green Party

The former Sheffield Council member said: “I’m a former city councillor with experience on planning and traffic issues. I have lived in the Woodseats area for many years and appreciate our green spaces including some lovely parks. I want to maintain the quality of key public services including Woodseats Library. I’m fighting for action on air and noise pollution caused by increasing heavy lorry traffic travelling through this area, including past our primary schools. I continue to press the douncil to find a solution to the use of Abbey Lane/Chesterfield Road as an HGV transit route. They should also concentrate on seeking more improvements to local and regional rail networks which will reduce the need for car commuter travel through Woodseats.”

BOB PEMBERTON, of Mitchell Road, Woodseats – Labour

Awaiting information

FRANK WOODGER, of Folds Lane, Woodseats – Conservative Party

Awaiting information