Six Chesterfield fans banned from matches

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SIX Chesterfield fans arrested at an away game have been banned from football matches until their cases reach court.

The interim bans are part of a new agreement between Derbyshire Police and Chesterfield Football Club.

The men were all arrested after a match at Shrewsbury last month.

Trouble flared at Chesterfield’s B2net stadium in October when the Spireites played Shrewsbury in their first clash of the season. There were further disturbances at the return fixture last month.

Chief Inspector Graham McLaughlin, of Derbyshire Police, said: “We always had an ad-hoc arrangement but after that match we held a meeting to discuss how we could improve and formalise our information-sharing processes.

“Any fans that are arrested or cautioned by police at away fixtures are brought to the attention of the club who can impose their own bans to prevent fans on bail attending matches, for example.

“We also provide them with details of known troublemakers where there isn’t enough information for a court ban.

“By working with the club we can ensure these potential trouble-causers are monitored.

“Conversely, the club provides us with details of fans their stewards have ejected from the ground without police assistance so we can monitor those people as well.”

Chesterfield FC’s stadium manager, Colin Nellist, said: “Although serious incidents have been few and far between this season we are working in close co-operation with the police and will take whatever action is required to ensure the enjoyment of the vast majority of our fans is not spoiled by the few.”

The men issued with the interim bans are a 39-year-old charged with assaulting a police officer; three men aged 46, 22 and 21 charged with public order offences and two men aged 27 and 22, who are charged with being drunk and disorderly.

If they are convicted of the offences they could be served with Football Banning Orders of up to five years.