Six bidding for Sheffield Council Central seat

From left, candidates Dan Celardi (TUSC), Mohammad Maroof (Labour), Sarah Jane Smalley (Green) and Muhammad Zahur (Liberal Democrat).
From left, candidates Dan Celardi (TUSC), Mohammad Maroof (Labour), Sarah Jane Smalley (Green) and Muhammad Zahur (Liberal Democrat).
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Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 22, to choose new members for Sheffield Council, including a new representative in Central ward.

Six candidates are vying to join existing ward members. Coun Jillian Creasy and Coun Rob Murphy

The candidates are:

JACK CARRINGTON, of Havelock Street, Broomhall – Independent

Awaiting information

DAN CELARDI, of Edward Street, city centre - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

The 20-year-old student said: “In 2012, I was part of a campaign to restore the education maintenance allowance in Sheffield. It seemed realistic, costing about £25 million – a fraction of the then £150m in council reserves – and other councils had done it. I helped collect more than 5,000 signatures and lobbied Sheffield Council, only to be told they couldn’t do it because this Tory government won’t let them. The same thing was said about the libraries, children’s centres and Highfield adventure playground, all cut. The Labour council blames the Tories, but Labour leader Ed Miliband has said Labour will continue with the Tory spending cuts. The main parties have all signed up to the pro-austerity agenda, making ordinary people pay for the crisis caused by the Banks and City Financiers. I believe there is an alternative, and would talk to local residents about the services they want, then get in the council chamber and implement a budget based on the city’s needs. “

MOHAMMAD MAROOF, of Edgedale Road, Carterknowle – Labour

The 47-year-old has lived in Sheffield for 20 years and been a Central ward councillor for the past four years. He said: “I’m proud to have served my local community and have worked hard to build strong links with the diverse groups in our area. I’m proud of our achievements in Central ward: flood defences; funding for Highfield adventure playground; tackling anti-social behaviour; and of course the fantastic new Moor Market which is breathing life into our city centre. I’ll continue to focus on these important issues.

“As a former Citizens Advice worker and from my work with local people over the last four years, I know how hard things are for people at the moment. That’s why I’ll also continue to do everything I can to limit the impact of the coalition government’s unfair cuts on our city. I’ll continue campaigning on issues like the living wage and doing what I can to make sure that everyone I serve has enough food to eat and can heat their homes. Only Labour can stand up to the Tory/Lib-Dem government.”

SARAH JANE SMALLEY, of Langdon Street, Sharrow – Green Party

The business owner said: “I am a community forum trustee, involved in the Sharrow green spaces network and recently helped lead on the campaign against the supermarket on Sharrow Lane. I’ve been working closely with Green Party councillors Jillian Creasy and Rob Murphy across the whole ward for a long time. I know many local people and have been talking with lots of them in the past year. People are concerned about the cuts to council services and getting the council to listen to their views. The Greens have made a real difference round here. I want to make things even better. We need more Green councillors to make a better Sheffield.”

PAUL WALLACE, of Summer Street, Netherthorpe – Conservative Party

Awaiting information

MUHAMMAD ZAHUR, of Dore Road, Dore – Liberal Democrat

Mr Zahur said: “Labour politicians have lost support in this area because their decisions are based on the wrong priorities. Millions of pounds have been wasted on expensive office refurbishments and councillors’ pet projects. I’m campaigning instead to see funds used to support our community libraries and reduce parking permit fees for local residents. I also want to see progress on the city centre retail quarter. Labour have dithered over the project for too long and it’s become clear investors do not take them seriously.”

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