Sisters are inspiration

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Michelle and Barbara France demonstrate that charity really does start at home.

The sisters from Sheffield have raised more than £80,000 for breast cancer research - thanks to their fancy dress parties, which are renowned across the city.

Michelle and her family went through an unimaginable time when she battled breast cancer. Many families can empathise with their experience.

But they used the traumatic time as motivation to do something positive.

They wanted to give something back and thank the doctors and nurses who, day in day out, help family’s like theirs.

Their first fancy dress party was such as success - that 15 years later they are still going strong.

The sisters don’t profess to doing anything special. They create a party for everyone to have a great time.

A scholarship has been created in their honour and paid for with the proceeds of their fundraising for students to research breast cancer.

These women are ordinary ladies, who have achieved an extraordinary thing.

The parties show no signs of ending - and with support increasing every year, the sky is the limit.