Sister gives me the Pip

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Pipped off, I am.

Because I’m sick, sick, sick of reading about Pippa.

The other Middleton girl’s every, very ordinary move is enough to make a picture story for the dailies.

“Pippa Middleton resorts to shades and coffee after a night on the town...” And who doesn’t?

“Pippa spotted in skinny jeans...” She wears the same style jeans as every other woman who thinks she hasn’t got thunderthighs - so what?

It’ll be “Pippa sneezes” and “Pippa pops out to punch a pap” next.

Which actually would be news.

The girl is only famous for two things - her famous sister and sashaying into said sister’s wedding in a kick-ass bridesmaid’s dress.

And the bottom line is, we women are fed up of hearing about her.