Single parent capital of UK

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Sheffield’s Manor Castle ward has the most children of anywhere in Britain growing up in single parent families.

Some 75 per cent of children in the area, which includes the Manor estate and Wybourn, are brought up by one parent - mostly their mothers.

The other areas with the highest proportion of single parent families are Liverpool’s Riverside, with a figure of 71 per cent, and the Ladywood part of Birmingham, with 70 per cent.

The figures have been revealed in a report by the Centre for Social Justice, which said one million children across the UK are growing up without a male role model.

They are also not seeing men for other key parts of their lives, such as at school, where one in four primary schools has no male teacher and four out of five have fewer than three.

The number of single-parent families nationally is rising by 20,000 each year.

The report states that children from broken homes are 50 per cent more likely to struggle at school, and family break-ups are costing taxpayers £46 billion a year.