Single mum Carol shed 50lbs after break-up

Carol is healthy and happy after shedding the pounds and, inset, before losing the weight, at just over 14 stones
Carol is healthy and happy after shedding the pounds and, inset, before losing the weight, at just over 14 stones
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A single mum from Sheffield has been given a new lease of life - after shedding over three-and-a-half stones in just one year.

Newly slim and happy, Carol Speight, of Greenhill, has now revealed it was splitting from her longterm partner than inspired her to make the change.

Carol at 14st

Carol at 14st

“When me and my ex-partner split up after seven years, I found it really tough,” explained the 38-year-old, who admits she was at her lowest at the time, feeling unhappy, overweight and overworked.

“I was over 14 stone and just feeling miserable, so when a friend recommended I join her bootcamp, I jumped at the chance to do something to take my mind off it all.

“I had no idea that just one year later, I would have lost so much weight - I feel like a different person!”

Carol discovered British Military Fitness (BMF) in her local park and it wasn’t long before the pounds started falling off.

Carol, who has three daughters, said: “I hadn’t done any exercise for over 25 years but I liked the sound of BMF and decided to give it a go. The free trial session was certainly no easy feat, but I enjoyed it all the same and became a member.”

Carol now attends three sessions a week in Graves Park in Sheffield and has even started taking on a series of personal fitness challenges.

“I just love it!” she enthused.

“So far I have done the Major Series in Leeds, a 10km obstacle course, as well as various other 10km races, which I would have never dreamed I could do.

“BMF really has changed my life in so many ways and I have made lots of new friends as everyone is so supportive and welcoming. I should also mention the instructors, who are really motivating and make every session different and interesting so you don’t feel bored, as you are being constantly challenged.

“Early last year I was so down in the dumps and didn’t see things getting any easier, but now I have a whole new outlook on life, I am so much happier and friends and family are constantly telling me how well I look, which feels amazing! I would encourage anyone who feels at a loose end to give it a go.”