Single mother and sick young daughter waited seven hours at South Yorkshire A&E before giving up

Sick five-year-old Olivia Croft (s)
Sick five-year-old Olivia Croft (s)
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A single mother waited a shocking SEVEN HOURS to see a doctor at a South Yorkshire A&E department before giving up, despite young daughter coughing up blood.

Kerry Matthias, 38, of Lee Croft, Rotherham, and her sick five-year-old daughter Olivia, arrived at Rotherham Hospital's A&E reception at 12.45am on Tuesday.

Ten-year-old Chelsea Croft (s)

Ten-year-old Chelsea Croft (s)

However, the mum-of three was left waiting a shocking seven hours to see a doctor before eventually giving up and walking out of the hospital around 8am.

Kerry said that she first noticed her daughter Olivia was struggling to breathe at around 11pm that night before calling an ambulance.

The family, including Kerry's other two children Charlie, 11, and Chelsea, 10, arrived at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust before Olivia was briefly checked over.

However, after being admitted at around 12.45, the family was told to they would have to wait at reception because there were other patients ahead of her.

11-year-old Charlie Croft (s)

11-year-old Charlie Croft (s)

At around 7.15am, Kerry was told that there were still three people waiting ahead of her and, 45 minutes later, decided to give up and take her kids home.

Kerry, who instead took her daughter to see a GP the following day, said that Olivia should have been "in priority" for treatment because of her medical history and serious conditions.

She said: "Rotherham hospital stated that they have to prioritise situations. I thought with Olivia's medical history and conditions she had, they would have prioritised her.

"It was a great ordeal for all of us but especially Olivia made to sit in that chair for seven hours plus with breathing problems."

The disappointed mum also complained about the poor facilities in the waiting area.

"It was cold. We were dressing down, taking nothing at all," She said.

"I complained twice but there were still no drinks, no blankets or pillows offered. We didn't sleep all night."

Kerry said Olivia was now recovering from her illness but said she hoped the hospital would make some improvements in the future.

She said: "I felt let down so much. I do not wish for any other parents to have to encounter for anything like the situation we were left in."

A spokesman for The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are really sorry for any anxiety and distress caused to Kerry and her family because of their wait in A&E on Monday evening.

"We have to prioritise patients who have urgent, life threatening or life limiting conditions; however we do work hard to ensure waiting times are kept to a minimum wherever possible.

“We cannot comment on individual cases but would be happy to discuss Kerry’s concerns with her further.

“Members of the public can do their part to help us reduce waiting times in A&E by ensuring they get the right care, first time by treating common ailments such as colds and flu at home, seeking advice from their pharmacist, walk-in centre or GP.

"If in doubt about whether you should come to A&E, you can call NHS 111 for advice.”