Single man, 24, in landmark baby bid

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A MAN from South Yorkshire plans to be the first person in the country to become a single parent using a British surrogate mother and a donor egg.

Kyle Casson, a supermarket worker, is 24 and single, but claims now is the right time for him to have a child.

Up until now no single man has used a surrogate in this country, although others are believed to have travelled abroad.

While it is not illegal for single parents to enter into a surrogacy arrangement, the law currently prevents them applying for a parental order that they need to be able to raise their child in the UK.

Even though Kyle’s sperm would be used to fertilise the donor egg, and a surrogate mother will carry the child to full-term, legally he will still have no rights over the child even when it’s born. Instead he’ll have to try to adopt his own baby to get full custody - something else which has never been done before.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a few years,” said Kyle, from Skellow in Doncaster.

“But it’s only recently I feel I’m mature and financially stable enough to have a child. I own my own house, I’ve got a good job, and a great family and friends supporting me.

“My lawyer couldn’t tell me and still can’t say what will or might happen because this has never been tried before. But to me it’s worth the risk.

“I’m willing to fight this all the way.”