Singers hoping to show the X Factor

Pop Star wannabes queue up for the initial audistions for X Factor at Meadowhall
Pop Star wannabes queue up for the initial audistions for X Factor at Meadowhall
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It has produced the Arctic Monkeys, The Human League and Joe Cocker...but could Sheffield soon boast an X Factor winner?

Hundreds of hopefuls for the ITV talent show queued up at Meadowhall for hours on Saturday dreaming of stardom.

Jack Stobbs on his Owls debut as sub

Jack Stobbs on his Owls debut as sub

First in the queue and hoping to shine in the spotlight was 17-year-old Kira Kitten, from Beighton.

The Thomas Rotherham College student, who has travelled the country auditioning for TV talent shows since she was 11, said it was her ‘one last chance’ at making it.

She describes music as her ‘saviour’ after secondary school bullies made her life such a misery for two years she would not go to school.

“I did not go to school for two years, so I spent that time at home teaching myself how to play eight instruments – from the piano, to the guitar, drums the violin and cello,” she said.

“It was my saviour, it helped a lot and music is the only thing I have ever wanted to do which is why I have auditioned up and down the country.

“This is my one last chance at succeeding before I start to concentrate on my college studies.”

She sang a Dallas Green cover of Adele’s ‘Home Town Glory’ to try to impress the judges.

Behind her in the queue was 40-year-old mum-of-one Charlotte Robbins, from Doncaster.

The pub and club singer, who auditioned for the show four years ago in London and got through to the next stage, sang Gloria Estefan’s ‘Anything For You’.

She said: “Everyone wants their big break. I would love to get as far as I can in the show for all the guidance and support there would be to help me get where I want to be.

“I have sung since I was four and I have made a living out of it in pubs, clubs and hotels but had a break to have my son and now want to get back into it again.”

Kai Taylor, 22, from Barnsley, is no stranger to fame after winning TV’s Stars in Their Eyes in 2003, when he was aged just 11.

The pub and club singer, who sang John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People’, said: “Every year I think ‘I’ll have a go’ but never get round to it, but with these auditions being so local I thought ‘why not?’

“I sing at pubs and clubs – sometimes to no more than five people – so to think that if I made it I could have an album deal and sing in front of thousands is mad.”

Meadowhall events manager Alex Caley said: “We are delighted that hundreds turned out for the first ever X Factor auditions at Meadowhall.”