Simon says: My ankle is healing well

Tigers chief Neil Machin
Tigers chief Neil Machin
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I thought I’d start with a bit of a fitness update and let you know where I am with the ankle at the moment, and thankfully it’s progressing well.

I don’t have the boot on it any longer and when I’m walking short distances, just around the house, I don’t need crutches and can put some weight on it.

I still use crutches when I go out and about but it’s huge progress that I am starting to do things without them and it feels good to know it’s improving. I went to see the surgeon not long ago and although it’s still broken, he said the ankle is healing well and he was really pleased with how things are moving on.

On Thursday, I went to Owlerton along with some of my sponsors, and I’ve been trying to take full advantage of the brilliant facilities we have there while I’ve been injured.

Although I’m not on the bike it’s still important for me to fulfill my commitments with sponsors and introduce new people to the sport. It’s a shame I can’t be on the track helping the boys though because things are pretty tough now. We’ve had so much bad luck. I feel sorry for the management; Neil Machin has put the best years of his life into Sheffield and it’s hard at the minute.