Silence over parking fault

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WHAT is KFC doing about its apparently faulty parking system at Queens Road in Sheffield?

What is its parking company, Civil Enforcement, doing to stop customers who visit twice receiving a £150 ‘fine’?

Does the firm patrol any other KFC stores in Sheffield and do people need to be wary?

We don’t know, since neither company is willing to comment.

We do know Chris Smith received a ticket when his two visits were added together to produce one long one, which apparently breached the 75-minute allowance.

We asked Civil Enforcement to check its records but it failed to comment.

So Chris rang the store, the boss checked the CCTV and he is said to have confirmed Chris’ claim.

Another two-time customer, Bernice Jivan, is now receiving court threats.

But KFC head office and Civil Enforcement are remaining tightlipped.