Signs puzzle lorry drivers

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FOREIGN lorry drivers are still facing language difficulties as they approach low railway bridges in a Pennine market town, causing traffic problems and congestion.

At least two bridges still have height warning signs in feet and inches - instead of metric measurements.

Some foreign heavy lorry drivers are approaching bridges too low for their vehicles and then cause traffic congestion as they reverse to find another route.

The problem was highlighted at Penistone Town Council by Coun Steve Milner, also a member of Barnsley Council.

He said despite Barnsley Council saying it would change the signs to metric measurements at least two were still in feet and inches.

Mayor Coun Carol Bradbury said: “We should tell Barnsley Council we are not happy with this problem which it said had been resolved but obviously has not.”

Barnsley Council will now be asked to make sure heights on signs are shown in metric measurements.