Sign our petition to save route 66

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I WOULD like to urge anyone that uses the 66 bus to sign our petition.

It is proposed that the 66 only runs from Rotherham to Chapeltown.

The people of High Green and other parts of Sheffield would not have a service to Rotherham at all.

Many people also choose to use the 66 because it is reliable and takes a direct route to Sheffield.

We would lose this direct route and be given the proposed new route 13 which would go from High Green and through Grenoside and Fox Hill, meaning much longer journey times to Sheffield.

We would also like our community to keep in mind the students at the colleges in Rotherham who would have to make alternative travel arrangements.

Please do your bit to save the 66 and pop into the Co-op or Nisa in High Green to sign the petition as soon as possible.

Time is running out and every single signature we can obtain will be a step closer to saving the number 66.

If you are from Rotherham, Thorpe Hesley or anywhere else on the 66 route and want to keep it as it is but can’t get to High Green to sign the petition please contact me as we are eager to hear how the proposed changes would affect you and help you keep your 66 service.

We are also campaigning to get the consultation period on other affected bus routes extended and we invite anyone in any area who has an issue with either the consultation or with the proposed bus changes to contact us so we can join forces to make sure our voices are heard.

Jane, High Green Action Group