Sickness bug hits 172 children at Sheffield school

Intake Primary School, Intake, Sheffield
Intake Primary School, Intake, Sheffield
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A sickness bug sweeping through a Sheffield school has affected even more pupils - with 172 off today.

Intake Primary School had 166 children and three members of staff off yesterday, but now has 172 pupils and four members of staff ill.

An industrial deep clean of the school, which has 407 pupils, is to be carried out tomorrow.

Parents whose children are fit and well are advised to attend school, but children who have been sick are urged to stay away for 48 hours.

Sheffield-based law firm Irwin Mitchell is calling for a thorough investigation into the spread of the vomiting bug, which is believed to be the norovirus.

Public health lawyer, Amandeep Dhillon, said: “We have seen through our work that gastric illnesses can be particularly dangerous for young people and can have a long-term impact on their health.

“Due to the number of young people falling ill in this incident, it is clear that many people will be seeking answers as to how this has happened and it is vital that the parents of those affected understand what has caused their child’s illness.

“We would urge local authorities to carry out a prompt and thorough investigation into the suspected outbreak to give parents the answers that they need in order to make decisions about their child’s attendance at school.”