Sick paying for repair

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I AM a bit sick of complaining to the council about my son’s windows.

They were smashed, back and front, six times last year while he was visiting his daughter and once while she was in the house. While the windows were smashed he was burgled and the house ransacked.

I’ve repeatedly asked for a light in the alleyway where he lives plus and to have the door fixed in the foyer. They finaly came and did it the morning he went out to go to hospital to watch his son being born.

While he was there, with his sister, mother and me, the police phoned to say they were outside his home waiting for the glazers to come to board up his back bathroom window.

I am getting sick of paying for windows for his place and the council saying they are going to do something.

Disheartened father

What about this for Sheffield’s new housing strategy?

My son and partner have four children (three boys under six and a girl, nearly 10).

According to council guidelines a girl of 10 must have a separate bedroom, so my son applied for an exchange from their two-bed house to a three-bed house.

An interview was arranged and after discussing the matter, my son was informed his chance of getting a three-bed house on the estate he has lived all his life, where 90% of his family and friends live, are next to impossible.

The reason is that all the vacant properties are for clearance key holders. Why not the whole of Sheffield properties?

The other option was to turn his living room into a bedroom.

His children go to bed at 7-30 so whoever has the downstairs bedroom has to bear all the noise from TV, people walking about and other sounds. Not a very good environment for sleep.

Surely he could be given a three-bed house and someone with a clearence key, who wants a two-bed house, could have his. Doesn’t take much working out, or is he better off renting a seven-bedroom mansion for £1000+ per week from a private landlord?

Dave, Sheffield