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ONE major property developer is showing what can be done if they put their mind to it and work closely with the council.

We are delighted to reveal today that tens of millions of pounds are about to be spent to continue the regeneration of The Moor.

Major retailers are being lined up, Debenhams is believed to be planning to revamp its store.

The council has helped to facilitate the project by committing to building the new markets centre and improving the street furniture.

But the commitment from landlord Scottish Widows is what will breathe new retail life into what was once a bustling shopping thoroughfare.

Just yards away lies the boarded up Sevenstone area.

It is a shame Hammerson, despite the promise of funding from the council via the Government to kickstart the scheme, seems so reluctant to show the same confidence in our city.

Referral unit is not the answer

NOBODY wants a rowdy pupil in their child’s class.

All they do is cause trouble, disrupt lessons and upset other youngsters who want to learn.

So it’s no surprise that headteachers opt to transfer such pupils to a referral unit. They could be accused of taking the easy option, but teachers’ powers of disciplining pupils are negligible so a referral unit seems appropriate.

The problem is, that unit is now seriously oversubscribed, leaving some pupils on a waiting list and getting no education.

It’s clear this system is not working. Why do we need a referral system? Is it because teachers do not have the right tools to discipline pupils?

Or is it because teachers are encouraged not to tackle such difficult issues.

These are questions which need addressing as the city assesses a challenging issue.

Such commitment

FORTUNATELY, most pupils want to achieve as is shown by the efforts of those in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Almost 300 young people were honoured for taking part in the scheme during a celebration evening.

The awards are recognised as giving confidence to those who take part, while encouraging discipline, teamwork and independence.

These are qualities we admire and show what young people can achieve when they show such commitment.