Showing pride in our forces

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THE servicemen and women of our country are seemingly continually active in the defence of our nation. But the present time seems to be particularly poignant with them facing great danger in far off lands.

That is why we feel it is important for all the people of Sheffield to rally together in a few weeks’ time and mark the annual Armed Forces and Veterans Day, which will this year be celebrating its fifth anniversary.

This is a time for ordinary people to show their appreciation for the men and women who have dedicated themselves to the service of the nation, not only in the past but also in the present time.

The parade to mark this event takes place in Sheffield on Saturday, June 23 and will feature former armed services personnel whether they have been regulars, conscripts or reservists.

It is good that the city has a chance to show its pride in its service personnel and we look forward to a warm welcome to those on parade.

Recognising our health battalion

OUR National Health Service is one of our most cherished institutions. People are incredibly proud that they have joined together to create a world-class service that provides free health care at point of demand regardless of the patient’s means or standing.

The doctors and nurses who provide the front-line care are naturally highly regarded by the public and command great respect and earn grateful thanks through their professionalism and skill.

But the NHS consists of a battalion of other workers who all pull together to deliver the services we not only expect but, to a great extent, take for granted.

That is why we’re delighted to present our series on the Unsung Heroes of the NHS. And today we throw the spotlight on health visitor Julia Glossop, who is a great example of the caring professionals who quietly go about their work ensuring people get world-class care.

We hope you agree that it is important that all of those within the health service are equally recognised.

Get behind scheme

YOU have to admire businessman Alexis Karachai, the brains behind the Carbon Quids project in Sheffield which aimed to reward people who walked, cycled or took a bus to local shops in Ecclesall Road with discounts over the counter. It is an exciting and inventive idea. Sadly, it hasn’t captured the imagination of punters. However, Alexis is persisting with the idea and hopes that it will catch on. We wish him good luck and urge people to support the idea.