Showdown over promises that homes would be safe

FLOOD victims in Rotherham are to demand to know why their homes were left 6ft under water in June's crippling floods.

Tuesday, 25th September 2007, 11:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2007, 3:04 pm

Treeton and Catcliffe were among the worst-hit areas in a borough where hundreds of residents were evacuated and millions of pounds damage caused to property.

Around 700 homes in total were evacuated across the whole of Rotherham three months ago, either because they were flooded or because of the threat from the Ulley reservoir dam which nearly burst.

And in Catcliffe about 400 people used the relief centre for weeks after the devastating deluge, either picking up donated materials or getting advice from a range of helpers.

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Tonight residents have organised a meeting with Rotherham Council at St Mary’s Church, where they will get answers to some lingering questions.

Many are demanding to know why their homes were flooded so soon after being promised after the floods of 2000 that it would never happen again.

Andy Lambert, of Catcliffe and Treeton Flood Action Group, said: “The Rotherham Council representatives promised a follow-up meeting to answer the questions that they could not previously answer and hopefully this is what will happen.

“At the previous meeting many people were dissatisfied with what went on and it all became a little heated.

“This will provide the council with an opportunity to redeem themselves and assure the local community that they do care and that steps are being taken to stop a repeat of the disastrous flooding.”

The meeting is due to begin at 7pm.