Shouldn’t trust the Lib Dems

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I’ve just found out that local Liberal Democrats have supported a motion in full council that rejects the building of a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK. as

Well at least we now know the real reason why the Forgemaster’s loan was cancelled.

They don’t believe in a new generation of nuclear power stations. So much for all the spin by council leader Scriven about helping Forgemasters to get the loan.

It typical of these two-faced hypocrites that in the week their leader says money should now be made available from the Regional Growth Fund for Forgemasters to now build parts for a new generation of UK power stations they tell us they are against building those same power stations.

I thought you cannot be in favour of lending tax payers money to a company who wants to build parts for future nuclear power stations and at the same time be against nuclear power!

Well I suppose you can if you’re a Lib Dem.

They’ve always been two- faced. Just goes to show you shouldn’t trust them on anything.

Steve Wilson, Labour spokesperson, East Ecclesfield