Should take pride in game

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For 150 years Sheffield FC has survived wars and disasters to retain an important piece of its history.

Now everybody is jumping up and down on their pogo sticks saying how sad that it had to sell the 1859 rule book.

Let’s face it, we can give aid to other countries, we can allow Lottery grants to go to unbelievable causes but we couldn’t get help for this club.

At this rate, having nothing else to sell and getting no help from our city or country, in another 150 years it will be goodbye Sheffield FC and thanks for the memory.

David Blunkett’s right: the nation should have helped.

Football is part of our heritage and youngsters live and feed off football. Sheffield should have been proud of its part in the Beautiful Game.

The only thing we’ve got left is the River Don and we can’t even protect its banks.

Frank Hardy