Shorty is so sweet

Steve the RSPCA Rescue Dog with handler Helen Smith
Steve the RSPCA Rescue Dog with handler Helen Smith
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HE IS short but sweet – meet Steve, a good-natured bassett-labrador crossbreed who is looking for a new home.

Steve is small with little legs and a beige and tan coat.

The nine-year-old, who has no known health problems, is being cared for at the RSPCA Centre in Stadium Way, Attercliffe, Sheffield, as he waits for a new home.

Tony Benham, animal care manager at the site, said: “Steve is a gorgeous and unusual crossbreed of bassett hound and labrador. That mix gives him a unique look and a gentle, sweet nature.

“He would love to be someone’s only pet and, if with children, preferably over the age of eight as he is a gentle soul who can be a bit timid if surrounded by too much rough and tumble.

“Steve likes human company and affection, but is not overly demanding of it.

“He is already trained in basic manners and commands and so just continued consistency is needed with him.

“We have noticed he doesn’t always get on with other dogs, possibly due to a past experience, but with people, once he has got over a short spell of shyness, he gains trust quickly.

“With his short legs, Steve doesn’t need excessive exercise and two lots of 30 minute walks would be plenty.

“We are looking for new owners who are around for most of the day or who have a support network while Steve builds up the skills to be able to spend more time alone.

“A quiet home where this special dog could be spoiled a little would be fantastic.

“He deserves a bit of extra love and special treatment.”

RSPCA Sheffield Branch is open daily, except Wednesdays, from 12.30pm to 3.30pm, or call 0114 2898050.